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Click on a calendar year above to enter the archive for that year. Thousands of Baby Blues strips await you.

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REGISTER It's easy. Under each strip is a link that says Add Tags. If you don't already have an account, it will ask you to sign up. You must have a valid e-mail address. It will also ask you if you'd like to sign up for a newsletter (which we don't have yet, but will at a later date)--just check your preference. Create a password, and a verification e-mail will be sent to you. Click the link in the e-mail, and you're in!

You've asked for a searchable archive, and we think the best way to create the most usable one is to have the readers decide what they're most likely to look for themselves. We've tried to make tagging and searching as easy as possible.

START TAGGING Click on the Add Tags link under the strip, and a tagging window appears below it.

On the left, is a field to type in tags (or keywords). You separate each tag or phrase, with a comma. You can type in a phrase of up to three words each.

In the middle section is a Quick Tag area, where you can just click boxes next to characters' names or common subjects. Click as many as apply. Remember, the more accurate you are (that includes spelling), the more usable the search function will be.

In the right section is a field called Key Dialogue Line. It could be the punchline, or it could be any other line in the dialogue of that strip that's memorable. Many times readers will write and quote something from a strip and ask which strip it came from. Since we've done over 7000 strips, that's a tall order. Here's your chance to be our extra brain. No need to use capital letters or even punctuation. You don't even have to type the entire sentence, just the most crucial part of it.

SUBMIT You don't have to fill in every section, but you must apply at least one tag in order to submit. Click the Submit button. You will be alerted that it was submitted, or alerted if there is an error in your submission.

To continue tagging another strip, simply click the Next or Previous button links above the strip, and the tagging window will conveniently stay open for your next input. When you're finished tagging, click the Close link in the upper right corner of the tagging window. You can log out using the link in the upper part of the page.

SEARCH In the upper left corner of the window is a Search field. You can search using keywords or date. You can click the Quick Search, which will display a list of choices just like the Quick Tag section, where you can click as many choices as apply to your search.

The results will display a smaller version of each strip that meets your search criteria. Clicking on the strip will take you to that strip in the archive. Below each strip will be its current tags. If you click one of the tags, all the strips that have that tag will appear in a list (this is also available on any strip in the archive as well).

REPORT ABUSE You can click this link in the tagging window to e-mail us if you think a member is abusing the tagging function either by using inappropriate language, chronic misspellings, or prank entries. None of those things helps us or you, the reader, so please report those. Misuse of tagging may result in your account being deleted.

MY ACCOUNT There, you can also check My Account, where changes can be made to your account information.

Rest assured, no information you leave in the My Account section will be sold, traded or given for use other than Baby Blues.

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