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Baby Blues Online Privacy Policy

We provide the Baby Blues web site for the entertainment of the fans of our strip, and of course, we do make it easy for you to purchase a few things here and there. We don't intend this to be a highly commercial site, and hope to provide you with some fun insights into the strip and a few interesting ways to interact with us. We want you to feel comfortable that your online privacy is being treated with respect. Those of you concerned about your online privacy while visiting our site should read the following.

Of particular interest to parents:

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act requires certain protections for children under the age of 13 who use web sites directed at them or general web sites that may have visitors under the age of 13. After you read the policies below, you may want to contact us if you know, or suspect, that your child may have sent us e-mail, and you want to approve or disapprove of their use of e-mail on this site.


We provide a way for fans to contact us through e-mail at this site. At this time, we do save the e-mails sent to us and the sender's e-mail address. We use some of the mail occasionally in promoting the comic strip, but without the sender's name or any other locating information that may appear in the text of the e-mail other than city and state. Chances are, you've never received any e-mail announcements from us...that's because, at this time, we've only done it once. So you can see, this is not something with which we're going to be bothering you frequently.

We collect e-mail addresses for the sole purpose of occasional announcements having to do with Baby Blues events, and may in the future provide a brief newsletter. We do not sell or trade e-mail addresses to any third parties. They are for our use only. If you do not wish to have your e-mail address saved for future notices of events, let us know and we will delete it.

If you do send us an e-mail, and do NOT want us to keep the address for future announcements, please state that in your message and we will delete it.

At some point, we may provide a form for you to give us your e-mail address on one of our web pages to subscribe to any announcements or newsletters. We will post a change to this policy if and when that happens.

Other information:

We currently do not collect any information regarding the service provider you are visiting through. We may, in the future, collect information about the name of the service provider and the site through which you linked to us. For instance, that may mean that we could collect that you visited via America Online, and you got to our site by clicking on a link in Yahoo! This is solely to help us in determining basic marketing information. No information beyond that will be available to us. We will post a notice of the change in this operation if and when it happens.

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