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X-Treme Parenting: A Baby Blues Treasury
by Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott

Paperback -
240 pages
  (April 2008)

Andrews McMeel Publishing; ISBN: 0740770977

"Nothing is certain but death and taxes. And laundry." --Baby Blues proverb

When the recipe box has more pizza coupons than recipes, or for those parenting days when all you seem to accomplish is brushing your hair and making a tray of ice cubes, Baby Blues offers parental fatigue redemption. The brainchild of Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott, this Baby Blues treasury features cartoons from Briefcase Full of Baby Blues and Night Shift.

From prophetic Baby Blues proverbs like, "The grass is always greener on the knees of your kid's new white pants," to Dinner Table Olympics where Synchronized Whining is the main event, young parents Darryl and Wanda keep pace with energetic children Zoe, Hammie, and baby Wren, as Kirkman and Scott expertly navigate the daily nuances of newborns, nocturnal diaper changes, and the nirvana of family life.

Includes strips from the books Briefcase Full Of Baby Blues and Night Shift
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